About the Author

Bernadine Pesika is a central Ohio layout artist and self-proclaimed "over-caffeinated, exhausted mom" in her early forties.

As most people do today, she has more online accounts that she knows what to do with and is only able to keep track of them all with the "Base Password" method outlined in her first book, Now More Than Ever: Secure Passwords Made Simple.

In addition to designing print materials, she enjoys reading (and just discovered the beauty that is the audiobook through her library), movies, crochet, spending time with her husband, their three young children and four cats, and working on her blog, Between Kids & Cats. 

About the Book

Now More Than Ever: Secure Passwords Made Simple (2nd Edition)

5.06" x 7.81"
124 pages
Paperback, Black & White interior
White Plum Publishing, an imprint of Skye's The Limit Publishing & Public Relations

MSRP: $5.99
Available on Amazon


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